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Our Dogfish Website Designers Faq’s. Have a question about website design, e.g. website hosting, email hosting or rather graphic designs? Hence, see our questions and answers below. Should you question not be below, rather submit your question and we will let you know the answer. Dogfish Website Designers Faq’s. Ask your question below.

We have 2 options, either we can host just the domain, or we can host the domain with unlimited email accounts. Please see our packages page for more information.

Yes we do. We can design logos, business cards, flyers, brochures, pamphlets and more.

No, we do not limit the size of your website. Our starter package has limited pages, but no size limit. Please see our packages page for more information.

Once the domain has been registered, it will take two to three working days, and then your website design will be completed and live.

Dogfish Website Designers can either host just your domain, domain and website or domain, website and email accounts.

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    Dogfish Website Designers Faq’s

    First of all, here you can also ask us any questions you may have. These can be related to domain, website or email hosting. Ask us about our graphic design services. Anything that might be on your mind and Dogfish Website Designers will get back to you as soon as possible and supply an answer to your question.Dogfish Website Designers Faq’s